Essential Shoes for Spring Summer 2019

As is well known, for every occasion there is a look suitable to wear, but it is not necessary to have so many different shoes for each look, just have the essential ones in your shoe rack that you can combine in a different way for every need.

In this new article we see together what are the essential shoes to have in your shoe rack for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

Loafer: the loafer is a very versatile type of shoe, comfortable and fashionable. Moreover, in recent seasons, it has been confirmed as an essential footwear and with it you can create an informal but stylish look, for example with the item 7275 by Voltan, combined with linen trousers and a tank top, you can create a casual but trendy look.

Low-heeled sandal: the low-heeled sandal is a must for the 2019 Spring-Summer season, it's comfortable but you can easily wear it even with an elegant look. For example, with the item 10140 by Voltan, combined with a short skirt and a simple top, it gives life to a romantic and elegant look.

Décolleté: the décolleté is the shoe par excellence. Any woman must have at least one wildcard pair of them in her shoe rack. For example, a décolleté like the item 62004 by Voltan can be worn for an important event together with a sheath dress.

High heel sandal: for an occasion like an elegant ceremony or party, the high-heeled sandal is essential. You can create a stylish and elegant look by combining a high-heeled sandal like the item 10229 by Voltan with an elegant long evening dress.

Midi heel sandal: for those who do not like high heels, the ideal is to have a midi-heeled sandal. It can be combined with an elegant look or even a casual look to give the look a touch of style. For a casual look you can combine a midi-heeled sandal like the item 24031 by Voltan with skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt.

Stages of development of a shoe: assembly

In the previous article regarding the development phases of a shoe we talked about the edging phase, in this new article we see together, instead, the assembly phase of the upper.

What does the assembly of the upper mean?

After the upper is sewn, it goes into the assembly department where it will take the shape of the shoe.

How does the assembly work?

Practically the upper of the sewn shoe is mounted on a shape, the shape is nothing but a shape of the human foot, usually made of recyclable plastic material.

The shape is not unique for all footwear, models and fit but it differs in terms of model of shoe and number of fit so that the upper adapts perfectly to the shape and adheres in the best way.

Even the assembly phase is an important phase, in this phase, in fact, we have the confirmation that the production up until then has been perfect.

If the upper does not adhere properly to the shape it means that there has been some mistake in the previous phases or that the shoe model has not been set up correctly.

In the next article we discover together the post-assembly phase, when footwear is about to come to life.

Casual summer party look

We have already proposed some looks for a summer evening or day party, but in this new article we offer you looks to wear at a casual summer party. It can sometimes happen to be invited to an informal look and therefore having to wear a casual look, but beware that a casual look does not mean wearing a scruffy look or appearing in a tracksuit, a good compromise may be to opt for low heeled shoes.

The first look we offer is composed of a long dress in fantasy and platform sandal. For example, we can choose to wear a black and silver striped patterned dress with a long skirt and small side slit paired with a particular platform sandal like the 10210 item by Voltan.

The second look, instead, is formed by the combination of skirt, top, maxi blazer and platform sandal. An example of a look is: knee-length black pencil skirt, peach-colored top, black maxi blazer and a platform sandal with fantasy print like item 10140 by Voltan.

The third look we thought of for you is made up of jeans, a shirt and a loafer. We can choose to wear jeans in light denim and combine it with a white shirt with ruffles in the sleeves and finally finish the look with a loafer that is comfortable but fashionable like the item 7275 by Voltan.

Finally, the fourth and last look we have chosen for you is created by the combination of cigarette pants, t-shirt and moccasin. We can for example opt for a dark green cigarette pants with a white basic t-shirt inserted inside it and finish the look with a simple and refined moccasin like the item 7276 by Voltan.

Stages of development of a shoe: hemming and skiving

After having dealt with the development phase of a shoe "leather cut for samples", it is the turn of the third phase, that is the turn of hemming and skiving.

First of all, after having cut all the components of the shoe, they are assembled, after which the hem is made, that is the phase in which all the components are sewn and glued together together with the lining, various reinforcements etc.

What is edging?

The edging is nothing but the composition of all the components of the upper of the shoe sewn and joined together.

Edging takes place in the bonding department, and is one of the most important stages in the development of a shoe: it must in fact be carried out perfectly, both as regards the sample or prototype because it serves to check that there are no errors in the design, both in the production of shoes.

At the same time as hemming, skiving is also performed.

Skiving is the process characterized by the thinning of the skin or other materials that are used for the upper of the shoe to have all the materials and the skins with the same thickness and regularity.

Edging and skiving are carried out by qualified personnel following all the indications received from the footwear design.

As already mentioned in the last article concerning the cutting of leather, the prototype or sample is essential and must be perfect to be able to check the fit and have an idea of ​​how the final shoe will look before being put into production.

Look for a gala evening

Have you been invited to an elegant gala evening and don't know what to wear?

First of all, you need to know that there are small rules for a perfect look to wear at a gala evening, such as wearing shoes with heels, evening dresses, cocktail dresses and recently also elegant women's trousers.

In this new article we see together four simple but perfect looks to wear at a gala evening.

The first look we have chosen for you is composed by a long pleated dress and décolleté. For example, we can choose to wear a dress with a long pleated skirt and white lace inserts with a high-heeled stiletto décolleté such as the item 62004 by Voltan.

The second look we offer is made up of a long dress and a high-heeled sandal. A perfect look is made up of a dress with a long tulle skirt, a neckline on the back that ends with a beautiful elegant bow and a powder-colored sandal with a wide and high heel such as the item 70019 by Voltan.

The third look is created by the combination of a woman tuxedo and a décolleté. For example, we can choose a black woman tuxedo and wear a white silk top under the jacket, combining the look with a two-colored décolleté with a medium heel like the item 73062 by Voltan.

The fourth and last look we have designed for you is composed of a midi dress and a high-heeled sandal. For example, we can wear a dress with a full skirt with calf length and combine it with a bodice decorated with sequins in shades of taupe and an elegant sandal with a large and high heel such as the item 10229 by Voltan.

Development phases of a shoe: leather cutting for samples

In the last article we started to tell you about the different development phases of a shoe, starting from its design. After this phase, it is the turn of leather cutting to develop the samples or prototypes.

What are the samples?

The samples are nothing more than prototypes of the final shoe, which is a kind of test designed to verify the fit of the shoe and to check that all the design has been performed in the best way, even making changes in the event that it is needed.

The sample is of absolute importance, no shoe has ever been produced without it, it is a really important part of shoe development in order to obtain, at the end of the cycle, a perfect shoe.

When the sample is perfect then you can start producing the shoe.

The cutting of the skins for the sample is done by hand by the model maker following the lines provided by the CAD design.

The prototype also serves to understand which leather is best used for production and which accessories to add.

Obviously the leather used for the prototype will also be of the highest quality leather, controlled and specially chosen.

The prototype will therefore be a complete and realistically defined shoe as a real shoe, including sole, heel, accessories, etc.

How to combine décolleté

The décolletés are among the most loved shoes by women, a true symbol of femininity.

But sometimes it can happen that you don't have ideas on how to combine them, so let's see together in this new article some simple looks to create by combining the outfit with décolleté.

The first look we recommend is a look made up of culottes trousers, blazer and décolleté. For example, we can choose an army green culottes model trousers, a plain red blazer and a wide-heeled décolleté in a slingback version, that is with a semi-bare heel, like Voltan’s item 73060.

The second look we have designed for you is made up of skinny jeans, t-shirts and décolleté. A casual look made up of black skinny jeans, a white basic t-shirt with blue veil puff sleeves and a stiletto heel like Voltan's item 62004.

The third look we chose is created by the combination of trousers, jacket, shirt and décolleté. For example, we can opt for a suit of cigarette trousers and a coordinated black jacket with a cream-colored sleeveless shirt and two-tone décolleté with a large midi heel such as Voltan item 73062.

The fourth and last look we offer is composed of a full skirt, tank top and décolleté. An example of a look is: wide full skirt in floral pattern with white base and blue flowers combined with a simple white satin tank top with fine shoulder straps and high-heeled décolleté as the item 73063 by Voltan.

Stages of development of a shoe: design

All Voltan shoes are designed and manufactured in Italy.

For this reason Voltan shoes have an added value, in fact, designed and manufactured in Italy, they can boast the merit of Made in Italy, a guarantee for the well-being of the feet.

The production of Made in Italy Voltan footwear is a protection for our health because it ensures that absolutely no toxic materials are used but only certified and researched materials.

Before the production of a shoe, however, there is its design.

The shoe is in fact first conceived and designed on paper to then take shape using CAD design.

The CAD (Computer-Aided Design) design is a design created by specific computer programs suitable for creating graphic representations in two or three dimensions (2D or 3D) of physical objects and in fact, in this case, it is used to create shoe prototypes.

CAD design is used to create a real representation of the shoe and then make it physical.

This is a very important phase that is the basis of creating a shoe.

And it is precisely from this phase that the shoe begins to take shape, gradually going on to define the cuts of leather needed to make up the upper and its components.

Footwear vocabulary

The name "footwear" is a generic term to refer to any shoe model, but in reality each model has its own name that differentiates it from other models.

In this new article we see together some of the most frequent names to indicate the various models of footwear.

Stiletto: the stiletto is a décolleté with a minimum heel of five centimeters. We can find stiletto heel, straight heel and with the ample support as the item 62004 of Voltan.

Slingback: they are décolleté but with semi-exposed heel, that means on the heel there is only the strap, with closed toe like item 73060 by Voltan.

Mules: the mules are also called sabot or loafer or simply slipper with bare heel. The term " slipper " is used because the opening on the back of the shoe leaves the heel uncovered, like Voltan's item 7275.

Moccasin: moccasins are a type of shoe similar to a ballerina but with the instep part closed and represent an elegant and formal type of footwear such as item 7276 or item 7277 of Voltan.

Décolleté: it is the classic footwear par excellence for women. The heel can vary from a few centimeters to several centimeters and the shape of the heel and toe can also vary. Two excellent examples are item 73062 and item 73063 of Voltan.

Midi heel: midi-heeled shoes are all shoes with heels, thin or wide, whose height varies from 1 centimeter to 5 centimeters, such as Voltan item 24031.

Wide heel: the wide heel is a heel of a certain thickness and can be either high or low. Much more comfortable than a stiletto heel and versatile as it can also be worn during the day, like Voltan item 10229.

Platform: it is practically the classic wedge but has a certain elevation even in the front part of the shoe. Comfortable and makes you gain a few centimeters. A couple of examples are item 10210 and item 10140 of Voltan.

Sandal: they are open footwear, with bare heel and toe. We can find them without heels or with high heels like item 10221 and item 70019 of Voltan.

Look with low heels

In this Spring Summer 2019 season there are various models of footwear with low heels. It is comfortable and elegant footwear and you will be pleased to know, in this regard, that you can create elegant looks even without having to wear a high heel.

In this new article we see together some looks to be created wearing low-heeled shoes.

The first look we have chosen for you is made up of culotte trousers, shirt and sandal. For example, we can choose to wear black culotte trousers with a simple green shirt and combine the final look with a platform sandal like the 10140 item by Voltan, with python print.

The second look we thought of for you is a look made up of a tulle skirt, tank top and loafer. An example of a look is: a fluffy white tulle skirt paired with a blue round-neck tank top and a light-colored loafer with a low heel like the item 7275 by Voltan.

The third look we offer is created by the combination of skinny jeans, shirt and moccasin. For example, we can wear skinny jeans in light denim, a fancy shirt with a beige base and brown details and combine an elegant low-heeled moccasin like the item 7277 by Voltan. To finish off the look, you can combine accessories in gold.

The fourth look that we recommend to wear with low-heeled shoes is composed of a dress with a full skirt and sandal. For example, we can opt for a dress with a patterned skirt with a white base and floral pattern or with butterflies in which the light blue color is present, and match the dress with a particular low-heeled sandal such as the item 10169 by Voltan.

The fifth and last look we have chosen for you is an elegant and classic look, consisting of cigarette pants, shirt and moccasin. For example, we can wear a classic high-waisted black cigarette pants with a basic white shirt inserted into the trousers and combine the final look with a low-heeled moccasin with an elegant line such as the item 72736 by Voltan.